After school programs are hosted weekly at different locations around the Houston area.  Activities include fitness programs, mountain biking, ropes course initiatives, canoeing, yoga, rock climbing, and other adventure-based activities.  All of this provides the skills and knowledge base needed to prepare for the extended summer adventures.  Spring and Fall weekend trips are also part of the school year curriculum.


Changing lives one adventure at a time

One of the most important components of a teen’s growth is our three-week wilderness expedition. Offered during the summer months, it gives many teens — for the first time — a sense of accomplishment and pride. It also bonds the group who understand the fragile road of overcoming these mental obstacles and the absolute strength required to actually stay the course and see it through. The trip is a rugged hiking, camping, and mountaineering adventure that builds on the skillset that they have built during the school year.
Most of the teens that have participated in The Adventure Learning Program identify the wilderness expedition as the turning point in their personal lives from self-destructive thinking, depression, anxiety disorders, and other self-defeating behaviors.

 Summer Adventures

School Year Programs

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